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TBOD87RPFBWhen doing a DAOS Resync there may be deletions that cannot be processed. This fix allows DAOS resync to continue.
KYOE69T7F3This fix implements a [NoCache] option to the @now formula routine, which will allow an application to get the server time of day from the server...
XQCO7E7DWDFixed a Domino Server hang problem caused due to a deadlock, out of order GUL semaphore and db lock manager interaction within the Domino...
MJBG86AS2ZThis fix prevents a crash in NSFDbModifiedTime4 which can occur under certain circumstances.
SWAS89GJC4Fixed corruption due to a bad log sequence number in a logged database. With this fix, the database will be flushed first instead of marking...
JPMS8A2MDMThis fix corrects a lock of the GUL semaphore which should be for ODS 51 only. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. Fixed...
TSOE7H9HRRFixes a threading issue around WaitIfRebuildInProgress function getting stuck in the domain directory server that would prevent a server from...
SDSS867KLSFixed a Domino server crash with a Panic: NSFItemAppendByBLOCKID: bhValue of NULL.
KHAN82DPLYFix prevents a Domino Server crash which can occur when opening a Folder under certain circumstances.
RMUY8B53NWFixed a Domino Server crash ' On Newdeadlockdetectionint ' when STUserInfo process initializes and terminates.
RSHA89DCDYFix prevents a crash which can occur writing out an UNK table under certain circumstances during a copy-style compact with the -R option (to revert...
HNAA85ZCYYFixed an issue where Attachments get ineditable after replication due to orphaned $FILE item with "Merge/No Conflicts" settings.
STAA86F5JNFixed a server crash while running ' fixup ' on a database during "Cmovmem" Call.
JPMS875QQVFix resolves a Domino Server defect that crashes server with conversation thread abstract generation.
BRIS5WWLBNPrevent "PANIC: InitializeNSF: Attempting to initialize NSF but logger already running" which can occur under certain circumstances such as server...
CTOI7TGHMYFixes server slow down which is experienced when using Database Directory Links on UNIX. To enable this fix, you must set the INI parameter:...
RCOR8AGHU7Fixed a problem with DAOS resync which would appear to cause the catalog to be locked and DAOS to report catalog as Synchronized while resync is...
RCOR8DBLKJFixed a crash in DAOS caused when the catalog went out of sync due to a corrupted database; which resulted in: PANIC: DAOS State...
CLEN8E3QBY Resolved DAOS Re-Sync issue which incorrectly processes database delete as part of the resync. This fix skips database deletions during...
JPAI8HLK46Fix resolves a database fix-up issue which improperly leaves databases in an inconsistent state and causes db corruption. Regression in 8.5.2 FP1....
PMAO8DJMWXResolved an issue that would prevent a corrupt NSF file from being converted to DAOS without a full resync force. With this fix, DAOS conversion...
PMAO8DJNB4Fix resolves issue during DAOS adopt/resync which previously did not remove entries from deletion list when resurrecting an NLO.
SWAS8FL5D4Resolved Deadlock when running ncompact -B. When inplace compact is finishing up, it can cause a deadlock when transaction logging is enabled. This...
YLJA7ZG38K Fix resolves a server crash when replicating a large non-mail database.
KHAN8E4QUCPrevent an infinite loop hang condition on a Server in low memory conditions. Now the server will crash after 5 minutes which will allow fault...
MSER7WZGFMFixed a Domino Database corruption issue caused while updating a collection.
MJBG8A635AFixed a hang on the Domino Server where a dead lock between lock manager and "Imap Selected Foldershash Table" Semaphore is...
TSAO8AG4TLFix resolves an issue where an upgrade of databases to ODS51 on Domino 8.5.1 FP1 reduces ODS entries are displayed in User Activity dialog...


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